Real-World Insights: How Wolt Delivers Your Food with Google Maps


Wolt is a food delivery service who delivers in 55 cities across 17 countries in Europe and beyond. What sets the Finnish company apart from others is their focus on low-density cities, often underserved by similar services. Plus, their well-curated selection of food offers a large variety of choices, from the best burger in town to Michelin star restaurants. 

The Wolt app makes the process of ordering food easy. You log in, select a restaurant to access their menu, craft your order, and pay all in a few clicks. The app will indicate the delivery time, and will automatically find your location on the map thanks to their integration of Google Maps. This means that you can easily discover places around you if you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood and you’re not limited to ordering food at a specific address, so go ahead and order from anywhere in the city, be it a park, a university campus, or your favorite bench. This freedom to order whenever and wherever you like unlocks all of the advantages of food delivery services and makes it really worth it. 

Google Maps integrations

Once your order is ready, it will be delivered by a Wolt courier partner. Wolt couriers are equipped with a Wolt courier app to pick up and deliver orders. As Google Maps is also integrated in the courier app, couriers never have to worry about finding the right restaurant or the right customer. By tapping the address of the restaurant or the customer in the app, they’ll get turn-by-turn directions from point A to point B.

Another cool feature is the delivery notification. As the courier gets close to your address, you’ll receive an in-app notification that your order will arrive shortly. This means that you can be ready for when your food arrives. The smart and intuitive integration of technologies within the Wolt apps, as well as their attention to detail in the selection of restaurants and of services provided to the customer, make it a user-friendly experience for both customers and couriers.

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