Launching areas in MapsIndoors

Sometimes you might want to illustrate that a part of your venue or building is special, but isn't a room in the building or a point of interest. That's why we’re adding support for a new kind of Location: Areas.

It could be that you want to highlight where the Marketing Department is located in your open-plan office, where the VIP-section of a stadium is, or the dairy section of the supermarket. You might even want to populate your floor plan with desks that can be moved around when needed to ensure you comply with social distancing restrictions.


Areas are of the Location type, same as Rooms and Points of Interest. They are closely related to Points of Interest, which are single points in the data illustrating the specific position of e.g. a coffee machine or food stand. Areas can be navigated to, but they don't obstruct the indoor navigation (in the same way the walls of Rooms do) — they stand on their own and illustrate a significant part of your building.

Areas are available now in the iOS SDK version 3.13.0 and Android SDK version 3.6.1 as well as in the MapsIndoors CMS

If you want to enable Areas for your MapsIndoors Solution, get in touch.