Google Assistant for Google Maps is Rolling Out


Until recently, Google Assistant users have had to leave the Google Maps app when issuing commands. Now, Google is rolling out a navigation-optimized Assistant.

At I/O earlier this year, Google announced a coming Assistant for Google Maps with a lower visual profile and background running commands. This navigation-optimized assistant is now rolling out with the latest version of Google Maps for Android and Google app.

Assistant is now enabled in Google Maps with the usual “Ok Google” activation command. This version is specialized to driving, meaning that all Assistant functions run in the background of the navigation application and the Assistant panel conforms to the change in colour of the Google Maps day- and night modes. You can make calls, select music, dictate and send text messages and use other Assistant functions without getting interrupting pop-ups in front of the navigation.

Although music selection has been available since Google started letting Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music users control their music in the Google Maps app, the navigation-optimized Assistant is a huge improvement for the usability of the navigation app.

If Google Assistant in Google Maps doesn’t work on your phone, it’s probably because Google usually rolls out their updates in phases, so it might not be available in your region yet. But don’t worry - uninterrupted navigation is coming to your region soon.

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