Google Maps Keeps Track of Your Flight and Hotel Reservations


There are two types of travelers:Google Maps flight and hotel reservations

  1. The traditional type who always prints out all tickets and reservations
  2. The digital type who accesses everything from his/her mobile device

While I’m 100% digital and feel more confident with important things stored on my phone, in my inbox, or on my Google drive, my husband is 100% traditional. He prints out everything, because it makes him feel more confident and because he thinks it’s faster and easier to find the documents in the handbag than on the phone. But is it?

Google recently added a new feature to Google Maps that keeps track of all of your flight and hotel reservations. Just open your Google Maps app, tap on the three grey lines in top left corner of your screen, and then on “Your Places”. Next, hit the “Reservations” tab where you’ll see a list of your upcoming trips. Selecting your trip will instantly pull up your reservations, and you can even access them if you’re offline, so no need to worry if you’re off the grid with no service or traveling internationally without a data plan. In my opinion, that’s way faster and easier than fumbling around in your bag - especially if you (like me) are travelling with inquisitive kids that’d rather get lost at the airport than wait a few minutes for your to dig out the documents.