Free Google Maps API course


Learn how to use the Google Maps API’s - FREE online course


We wanted to tip you about an online course which will introduce you to all the content and features available through the Google Maps APIs. The course is aimed at people who have just started working with the APIs or anyone who could just do with a more in depth introduction and guide on to how to use them correctly.


You will be walked through all the most important features and learn how to build a real-estate listing using a styled Google map, data visualisation and much more. You will get to see other Google Maps APIs in action and understand how you can use your new knowledge in the Google APIs Console.


The course Instructors are both Google Maps Experts. Emily Keller is a Technical Program Manager at Google and Ajay Hemnani is responsible for Technical Training at Google.


The course is completely free of charge and consists of 3 lessons. In lesson 1 you will be introduced to the APIs and learn how to create and style a map. You will also get to know how you load and use various libraries and learn about Static Maps and Street View Imagery APIs.


In the second lesson, you find out when you should use Web Services vs. Services in the JavaScript API. You also learn how to calculate distances and travel times between multiple locations.


In the final lesson of the course, you are introduced to how you use the APIs in practise. You will learn how to monitor your projects API usage and securing your identifiers. Last but not least, you will become familiar with the terms of use and other important details about the Google Maps API’s.


The course is self-paced but you should set aside approx. 2 weeks to complete it.


You can find the course via the Udacity website here.