MapsIndoors is saying goodbye to Internet Explorer 11


Microsoft released Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) in 2013, and a lot has happened in the browser world since then.

Modern browsers enable developers to create web apps that work like the apps you already use on your computer or phone. They can do this because of the innovations that have happened in recent years, which IE11 hasn’t caught up with. Microsoft has also ended support for IE11 for many of their own web applications (Teams in November 2020, Office 365 in August 2021, etc.).

MapsIndoors is following Microsoft's lead and ending support for IE11. This means that we can develop features faster, and even make new features we weren't able to do before.

MapsIndoors works best with the latest major version of the browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge, so please upgrade to one of these today to get the most out of MapsIndoors on the web.