MapsIndoors Features American News


Earlier this month, the MapsIndoors solution was shown in Tech SA on the American tv channel KSAT in San Antonio, Texas.

MapsPeople partner, Reckon Point, participated in CivTechSA, a joint initiative between Geekdom and the City of San Antonio that matched startups with city departments to develop solutions to existing problems.

Reckon Point specializes in 3D mapping and indoor positioning technology that can be combined with MapsIndoors to provide customers with an accurate navigation solution for their venue.

CEO and founder of Reckon Point, Gabriel Garza, says the software can help passengers find their way around the airport faster and with less stress.

“If you are in a wheelchair or you can’t take an escalator or stairs, there’s a feature so this will actually route you via elevator or ramps,” Garza said.

At San Antonio Airport Chief Strategy and Development Officer Syed Mehdi says that the airport is looking to enhance the customer experience and make it all smooth.

At MapsPeople, COO and General Manager, Jonas Berntsen, is really happy about the partnership, “Reckon Point is a very innovative company and an interesting partner with a great potential and we’re hoping to do a lot of projects with them in the future”.

Reckon Point is submitting the final proposal in a few weeks and the airport will then decide if they want to move forward with the project.

Watch the clip hereindoor navigation for airports