From Idea to Live Solution in Less than Four Weeks

RAI Amsterdam Convention Center is hosting Intertraffic from the 20-23rd of march and for the first time ever they provide their visitors with indoor navigation delivered by MapsPeople.

Intertraffic AmsterdamIntertraffic AmsterdamIntertraffic Amsterdam

Intertraffic is the world's leading trade event for the traffic and mobility industry. Since its launch in 1972, Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the platform of choice for professionals from around the world to meet.

Navigating and making the most of your time at a conference or convention is not always an easy thing to do. Large open spaces are turned into mazes with exhibitors and stands lining the narrow lanes. As a result, visitors may leave feeling disappointed and are less likely to return to the venue.

RAI is a very modern convention center with high attention to the customer experience, and with the ambition to further improve the quality for both visitors and exhibitors, the need for an indoor wayfinding tool was uncovered.

RAI had a list of requirements for their solution:

  • Deliverance of the first solution for Intertraffic (112.000 sqm) within 3 weeks
  • A modern, user-friendly wayfinding system that is totally customizable
  • Integration with positioning system to be able to analyze movements/areas with a lot of traffic and use this information for commercial purpose
  • Possibility of proximity marketing

With only four weeks from idea to live solution, MapsPeople handed over the result to RAI, and the Intertraffic event is supported with indoor navigation.

In 2018, RAI plans to further expand the functionalities towards a real indoor navigation user-experience: Visitors, who search for and find an exhibitor or product, just need to push “GO” and they are navigated right from the parking (or even from home) into a certain hall and to the very booth they are looking for. RAI aims to equip more trade shows/conventions in 2018 with the new indoor navigation technology in their apps. MapsPeople partner Localyse will support RAI going forward.

Download the app in the Appstore by searching for Intertraffic.