Modern Safety for the Modern Stadium


Indoor navigation is convenient. It’s an extra service that you provide for your staff and visitors to make their lives easier and show them that you value their time. Right?

Yes. Definitely. But indoor navigation is actually also more than that. On the basis of indoor navigation and positioning technology, you can make your venue not just more accessible, but a lot safer as well.

This week, we’ll dive into the possibilities of using indoor navigation to heighten the level of security in stadiums.

Highlight the position of exits and emergency exits

What makes a good fan experience? Incredible sports moments, beer, soda, hotdogs, oversized foam fingers, shared excitement. Probably not standing in the hallways, searching an A1 sized poster map for the exit closest to your seating. A digital indoor map allows your visitors to orientate themselves and get information about the locations of any exits and emergency exits, while they’re already using the map. You can make sure that all exits are highlighted, ensuring that indoor navigation users are already informed, should an emergency situation occur.

MapsIndoors Indoor Navigation for stadiums

If there’s an emergency situation that demands/results in/requires evacuation of the stadium, indoor navigation users can be notified and directed to the nearest emergency exit, using their actual position to show the best and most accessible route. 

You can also choose to mark the position of certain security or medical staff members on your map, so that your visitors can find the nearest help in case of immediate emergencies.

Use crowd movement insights

Knowing how a crowd moves is essential for planning out and preparing for evacuations. Movement data from your indoor navigation solution allow you to observe how the crowd actually moves, and analyze patterns that make up the foundation for effective crowd flow management. These insights are incredibly valuable during emergency situations, but can also be utilized during routine visitor exits to avoid traffic issues.

By observing crowd behaviours, you can also optimize the map layout relative to event types and either highlight or restrict access to certain areas when necessary.

Support security services

You can give security services access to your stadium application data to facilitate their preparation and operation. The police, medical staff etc. benefit from your movement data to increase efficiency during evacuations and reduce terror risk.

Using a virtual stadium solution, security authorities can also perform pre-event inspections of the venue off-site. This reduces both time and traveling expenses and still allows a careful inspection to ensure your visitors’ safety.

A sense of safety is one of the stadium environment factors most valued by fans. Integrating an indoor navigation solution into your existing security programme supports both your security team and external authorities in keeping your fans safe.

MapsIndoors Indoor Navigation for stadiums

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