New Partnership Between Cologne Intelligence and MapsPeople Paves the Way for Augmented Reality Wayfinding


Cologne Intelligence and MapsPeople A/S are pleased to announce their strategic partnership.

Almost every aspect of our lives is going digital and advances in technology allows us to handle complicated and time consuming tasks quickly and smoothly. 

With the strategic partnership, Cologne Intelligence and MapsPeople can now offer their clients a solution that reduces time waste, improves productivity, and improves the overall experience of a venue.

By combining Cologne Intelligence’s business app, InPlaces, with MapsPeople’s indoor navigation platform, MapsIndoors, users will have all the information they need in the palm of their hand.

For instance, one of the time wasters employees in large organizations face every day, is wayfinding. Studies show that fifty percent of office workers spend excessive time locating conference rooms due to wayfinding problems, and the average office employee reportedly spends up to 30 minutes a day hunting for a room for their purposes. With a centralized business app companies equip employees with a powerful tool that makes their workday easier, and by integrating MapsIndoors into the app, employees always have door-to-door navigation at their fingertips.

The solution also serves as the perfect mobile guide at trade fairs, conventions, and in public buildings, where it provides visitors with turn-by-turn navigation, a clear overview of the spaces, and more. In the context of industrial processes, it enables companies to re-experience data and reveals new aspects of processes.

“Today, people expect to be able to use technology for every aspect of their lives, including work. The combination of InPlaces and MapsIndoors offers so many possibilities for both businesses and employees, so it’s exciting to see what the partnership will bring in the future, but I’m expecting a lot,” says Christian Frederiksen, Head of MapsIndoors, MapsPeople.

The solution created by the two software companies takes indoor wayfinding to the next level thanks to Cologne Intelligence’s Augmented Reality technology. Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. By using their phone’s camera and holding the phone in front of them, users can see the directions on their phone and get information on the points of interest they pass by on their journey.

“The combination of indoor navigation and augmented reality provides end-users with a useful solution that meets their technological expectations. Wayfinding becomes even easier and we can show them the relevant information they need on their journey. It’s easy, it’s intuitive, and it’s forward-thinking”, says Peter Krämer, Managing Director at Cologne Intelligence.

About Cologne Intelligence: Cologne Intelligence offers integrated IT solutions from a single supplier creating and developing tailor made software, mobile applications and complex reporting solutions. Operating in many fields, they demonstrate great expertise in consulting, design, and development, and realize projects in a simple, fast and innovative manner.

About MapsPeople: MapsPeople specializes in developing, implementing, and running digital map solutions (MapsIndoors) for a large number of private and public companies in a number of industries, including: City, University of London, Gartner, Kohl’s, Copenhagen Airport, and Mobile World Congress.

For any further information, please contact:

Cologne Intelligence, Peter Krämer,, +49 221 99041-313

MapsPeople, Christian Frederiksen,, +45 5374 0901