New Sync Feature in MapsIndoors CMS

We’re excited to release an incredibly helpful new feature for the MapsIndoors customers with multiple Solutions: Syncing Categories, Location Types, and Icons to keep them all up to date.

We’ve seen the need for keeping Location Types and Categories aligned across the board multiple times, and now it’s getting easier with the click of a button.

Syncing a Location Type or Category, we’ll make sure not only the names and Icons are aligned, but even your translations too. For Location Types, we’ll also sync your View Settings. View Settings give you control over whether to display Icons and Labels on your map—or just one of them—for Rooms and POIs of that Location Type.

Having the ability to sync Icons is one of the major improvements with the release. Now you can update the meeting-room.svg icon you’re using on thousands of Rooms across dozens of Solutions in one place.


This is just the latest release of some powerful bulk editing features in the CMS. Stay tuned for more enhancements in the near future.

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