The MapsIndoors CMS Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

We've just released the biggest change to the look and feel of the MapsIndoors CMS in years: The main navigation is moving from a sidebar to a top navigation bar.

This is the first step of many towards our vision of a map-centric content management system. The map is at the heart of what we do and acts as the stage on which you present your data, so it's natural the CMS reflects this as well. With this change, we're moving closer to realizing the vision.

In the top navigation bar, you will find the Solution and Venue switchers. They both search as you type, so you can find what you're looking for quickly. Moreover, we've gathered all menu points related to your map data on a new "Home" screen.

Everything you need to control your app—including API keys—is under "App Settings", and you can manage your CMS collaborators under "Administration". Click the avatar in the upper right corner to read the latest CMS news, find a link to our Docs, and change your password.

Here’s a brief video taking you through the new look:



We're excited about the opportunities this opens up for us and can't wait to show you the next steps.