We have released a big update to our Standard Web app

We've released a big update to our Standard App for Web, now in its version 4.

After releasing v4 of our JavaScript SDK, we wanted to upgrade our Standard Web App to make use of the improvements in the SDK, including our Web Components library.

Directions Panel

The biggest change you'll notice right away is the updated Directions panel.


We've made some changes to the structure of the Legs and Steps responses in the SDK. This means we now show a full line on the map for all of the directions on the same floor level.

Moreover, we've put more focus on how you navigate in and around buildings, as a result of customer feedback.

Live Data support

We’ve also added out-of-the-box support for Live Data in the Standard Web App. If your Solution is set up to display dynamic updates for your Locations, you’ll see them with a standard presentation on the map.

If you are interested in hearing more about integrating MapsIndoors with your data sources and presenting data on the map in real time, please reach out to us.

Performance, accessibility and usability improvements

As always, we continue focusing on performance improvements and have made a range of internal changes to the SDK to ensure we can reliably work with very large and dynamically changing datasets. Moreover, we’ve implemented a new, more accessibility-friendly selection highlight color, and we’ve changed the way Categories work so we only show Categories for which there are Locations on the map.

Updated GitHub repo

To check out all of the new work on the Standard Web App, you can check out our GitHub repository with the source code. We believe it is a great starting point for getting familiar with MapsIndoors, before starting your own integration.

Find out more about these updates on these links: