Collect your own Street View imagery and show customers where to find you

Ever since the first release of Google Maps’ Street View, the feature has been used by many to help them find their way around with its virtual representation of our surroundings.

Until now, most of us probably think of the iconic Street View cars as the star behind the pictures we see when using the feature. However, with Street View’s new update, everyone can contribute to the Street View by collecting their own imagery.

The updated Street View app on Android allows everyone to turn into Street View imagery providers. With new photo tools using augmented reality technology, it’s possible to record a series of connected photos as you move down a street -  just like those you see on Street View. (2)(Credits: Google)

This is pretty exciting news, and especially so for businesses that currently can’t be found on Street View. We have previously shared a blog about the benefits of using Google Maps Street View for your business. Google Maps Street View allows your customers to take a virtual tour around your space and get excited to visit it in person. Another bonus is that Street View helps people find their way to your address, which is definitely a benefit for businesses with locations that can be tricky to find. With Street View, images can be used to guide visitors from the street to your business - even in the trickiest locations. 

Using Google Maps Street View is a way to humanize your business. Not only do images leave a better impression than text, we’re also more likely to remember content with images. If you own a restaurant, customers might feel a better connection by being able to sense the atmosphere of the place through images before deciding on booking a table. This also helps customers make informed decisions. Are there a lot of seats at the restaurant? Is it easy to find parking in the area? This kind of information might be valuable to customers, and being able to find this with Street View, they can make plans with more ease. 

Needless to say, Google Maps Street View has a lot of pros for the online presence of your business. And now that it’s possible to contribute to Street View using their own images… what are you waiting for? 

If you want to learn more about Google Maps Street View, our Google Maps experts are always available and ready to help you out. You can also read more about the Google Maps Platform below.

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