Prepare for Thanksgiving with Google Maps

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Anyone who’s experienced Thanksgiving will probably agree that it’s far from the calmest of holidays. Traffic jams, crowded stores - just thinking about it makes you feel the stress, doesn’t it? But what if I tell you that there’s an easy way to plan out your Thanksgiving holiday to make everything from grocery shopping to traveling a lot less stress inducing? That’s right, there is - thanks to Google Maps. 

By analyzing its traffic data from 2018, Google Maps has mapped out the best and worst times to begin your Thanksgiving road trip if you want to avoid the heavy traffic. Its interactive site makes it easy to check which time during the day might be the most crowded to hit the roads, based on which area you’re located in. But the interactive website does not only show how to avoid traffic jams - it also offers you the best time to stop by the bakery, get the grocery shopping done, as well as which time the movie theater might be the most busy. 

When you’re finally on the road heading for your Thanksgiving destination, Google Maps will once again prove itself to be your best friend. In the blog, Google Maps shares some of its favourite features to help you ensure your trip will be as easy (and productive) as possible. Here are some of them for you:


  • Share your ETA with your friends and family to let them know when they can expect your arrival. 
  • Search for gas stations or stores you might need to visit on your way without straying too far from the main road to save time.
  • If you’re traveling by flight, use Google Maps to access your reservations from your settings - also if you’ve made car, restaurant, and hotel reservations.
  • Haven’t booked your hotel room or restaurant reservation yet? With Google Maps you can take care of it with just a single tap of your finger.
  • If you’re making your way around on foot, use Live View to look up the right direction to make sure you don’t get lost on your way. 

We hope that these tips from Google Maps will make your Thanksgiving planning a lot less stressful, and that they’ll help avoid the worst of crowds.

Last but not least - Happy Thanksgiving!