MapsIndoors CMS Tutorial - Navigation Overview

As part two of our MapsIndoors CMS Tutorial series, this blog post offers you an overview of how to navigate the Map section, the Solution Details section, and App Settings within the Content Management System.

The main navigation of the CMS is the Map section that includes the filter bar at the top, toolbar at the bottom, and floor selector on the right. 

The Solution Details section is where you manage things like Location Types, Categories, and App Settings. These were introduced in the first part of the MapsIndoors CMS Tutorial series.

App Settings is where you will create App User Rules, which are used to create a profile-based map experience, manage your API Keys, and set other kinds of integration configurations.

In our Navigation Tutorial video, you can see for yourself where to find the different sections, and how to use them.


For more in depth CMS information, please visit our documentation site.

Stay tuned for the next part of the series: Working with the Tool Bar.

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