MapsIndoors CMS Tutorial - Working with the Tool Bar

In this third part of our MapsIndoors CMS Tutorial series, you’ll learn how to work with the tool bar in the CMS.

The tool bar is used to add POIs and Areas as well as show and modify the route network. 

By clicking the Add POI button, you can create a Point of Interest by clicking on the desired location on the map, which will open the Location Details pane for you to name the POI and set attributes. 

The Add Area button creates an Area as you click to create corners of a polygon and then opens the Location Details pane for you to name the Area and set attributes.


The Show Network button toggles the route network on and off so you can see the walkable areas within and throughout your facility.

The Add Barrier Route Element button creates a route barrier where you add it on the map. Route barriers include only allowing certain App User Rules to use the route, closing the route, adding a delay to the route, or making the route only one way. It’s also possible to add restrictions to doors by clicking on the door in the route network. In many cases, adding restrictions here is preferable to adding barriers to the route network itself.

The Reload Route Network Button reloads the route network after you’ve made route restrictions. This allows you to make many route changes at one time and reload the network when you’re ready to see all the changes you’ve applied. 

In the next part of the MapsIndoors CMS Tutorial series, we dive into how to navigate and make the best use of the CMS’ Filter Bar.

For more in depth CMS information, please visit our documentation site.

Stay tuned for the next part of the series: Filter Bar.

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