The Top 10 Google Maps Blogs of 2021

We have already shared with you our most popular MapsIndoors blog posts from 2021, but we’re not done yet. So once again, grab a cup of coffee and a leftover Christmas cookie, and let us entertain you with a list of our readers’ favorite Google Maps updates of 2021. Enjoy!

#1 How Google Maps is Made

Ever wondered how Google Maps is made? You’re not the only one because this is the blog that’s gotten the most attention in 2021. With a Google Maps 101 blog series from Google, we got a glimpse behind the scenes of Google Maps and its building blocks. Check it out and get inspired.

#2 The 3 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Choose Google Maps [2021 update]

We could give you a million(ish) reasons why you should choose Google Maps for your map based project, but why would we when it can be boiled down to 3 very important reasons? If you’re bringing your projects to life, you’re probably in the process of researching the world of APIs and we know it can be quite a jungle, so let's keep it simple and focus on the important things.

#3 The 5 Google Maps APIs You Didn’t Know You Needed: Asset Tracking

Google Maps offers an array of different APIs. Some of them, like Dynamic Maps and Geocoding, are well-known and well-used. Others, on the other hand, have not yet gained the same recognition even though they hold an immense potential across industries, and these are the APIs we’ll walk you through in this blog.

#4 Google Maps APIs: Choose the right API type [2021 Version]

Google Maps APIs are by far the most frequently used mapping APIs with more than 25 million updates per day. In general, there may be no other application programming interface (API) that is more responsible for the increase in publicly available APIs than Google Maps Platform. But what is the Google Maps API exactly, what does it include and what possibilities does your business have to benefit from it?

#5 7 Benefits of Google Maps Street View for Businesses

This is far from the first time we've mentioned the benefits of using Google My Business to optimize your business' visibility. A feature which can be of great use for businesses is Google Maps Street View. More than just a fancy feature, Street View is a powerful tool that adds an extra dimension to your presence on Google.

How can you use it to optimize your business' online presence? Learn more in this blog.

#6 4 Ways We Can Help You Save Money On Your Google Maps Bill

Google Maps is a powerful toolbox for your business and your customers’ experience. But are you paying more for your solution than you should? 

Our Google Maps team are experts at optimizing your solutions, and in this blog post we have compiled their best tips on how to save money on your Google Maps bill.

#7 Food Delivery: Satisfy the Expectations of “Right Now” Consumers with Google Maps APIs

Technology continues setting new standards for businesses’ efficiency. It’s all about following the fast-paced industry, and Google Maps is definitely doing its part in offering its users the best opportunities. 

This blog post focuses on how food delivery services can benefit from Google Maps APIs and offer their customers a better experience with live position updates and estimated time of deliveries.

#8 When Do I Need A Google Maps License?

Are you interested in Google Maps, but wonder what it is gonna cost you to get a chance to use its cool features? Seems like you’re not the only one - if the views on our 2nd most read blog post are anything to go by. 

This blog post takes you through everything you need about the Google Maps Platform and how to get started on using it.

#9 How Google Maps Can Be Used Educationally

When you think of Google Maps, your first thought is probably not a classroom. However, as technology becomes an increasingly common mode of education, Google Maps offers some particularly interesting tools to teach subjects like history, geography, and politics. There are many creative ways to use what Google has to offer to digitize your classroom and add visualization to your teaching process. Technology gives tools for students and teachers alike making it easier to track progress, research topics, communicate, and facilitate learning.

#10 5 Ways Google Maps Street View Can Be Used (Besides Checking Out Your New Neighbourhood)

By now, we all know Google Maps Street View. It’s been around for over 10 years, in which we’ve probably all used it to go down memory lane and revisit old neighbourhoods, or maybe even to have a look at some of the world’s most famous monuments. The access to the rest of the world, straight from our couch, is ever-growing, but you might be underestimating how much exactly you can do with it. So here is a list of a few uses you might benefit from.


From everyone here at MapsPeople, we wish you a Happy New Year. Stay safe.