Top 10 Google Maps Blogs of 2020

We have shared with you our most-read MapsIndoors blog posts of 2020, and now we present our top 10 most popular Google Maps blog posts of the year. So go grab a cup of coffee, get comfy in your favorite chair, and take the opportunity to get inspired by our readers’ favorite stories of 2020.


#1. The 3 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Choose Google Maps

Picking out only three reasons why you should choose Google Maps was a hard task, but it still turned out to be of interest to you all. In 2020 this was our most read Google Maps blog, in which we guide you through the three most important reasons to why you should definitely consider Google Maps. Are they enough to convince you?

#2. When do I need a Google Maps License? [2020 update]

Are you interested in Google Maps, but wonder what it is gonna cost you to get a chance to use its cool features? Seems like you’re not the only one - if the views on our 2nd most read blog post are anything to go by. 

This blog post takes you through everything you need about the Google Maps Platform and how to get started on using it.

#3. The 5 Google Maps APIs You Didn’t Know You Needed: Asset Tracking

Google Maps offers an array of APIs. Some of them are well-known and well-used, while others may not receive the recognition that (we believe) they deserve. In this blog post, we introduce you to five Google Maps APIs that can improve your asset tracking solution. And considering this is our 3rd most read Google Maps story in 2020, we assume that our readers have found it interesting as well.

#4. How Google Maps Is Made

We have all been using Google Maps and know how it works - but how is it made? This might be a question you would want to know the answer for, and in this blog post, we go into detail about the backend side of Google Maps. 

#5. 7 Benefits of Google Maps Street View for Businesses

As part of our Google Maps Marketing tips series, we offered you this blog post about 7 benefits of Google Maps Street View for Businesses. More than just a cool feature to take a digital stroll down the street, Google Maps Street View has the potential to take your business and it’s brand to new heights. 

The blog post made it into our top five most read stories this year, so take the chance now to see what all the fuss is about. 

#6. 4 Google Maps Predictions for 2020

Let’s be honest. Twenty-twenty probably didn’t turn out exactly how we all predicted it to. However, that does not mean our predictions came out entirely wrong. 

Our readers were interested in our take on possible updates and new features from Google Maps this year, leaving the blog post as our 6th most read of 2020. With the end of the year approaching fast, taking a detour back to our expectations of the year is quite a fun way of evaluating what has happened in 2020. 

What do you think? Were we completely wrong about our predictions for 2020?

#7. Google Maps APIs - choose the right API type [2020 Version]

What are Google Maps APIs exactly, what do they include and how can your business benefit from them?

If you are new to the Google Maps Platform and its APIs, choosing the right one might be a difficult task. That is why we have made a guide for you to take you through the different Google Maps APIs and their features to make the decision making less complicated for you. 

#8. Real-World Insights: How Geoguessr Created a Discovery Game with Google Maps and Street View

With Geoguessr, the Google Maps experience is taken to a new and more entertaining level. Based on Google Maps, the premise of the Geoguessr game is quite simple: Get dropped off at a random location somewhere in the world and find out where you are. 

Geoguessr is a personal favorite here at MapsPeople, and we are excited to see this blog being part of our top 10 most read in 2020. If you have not tried the game yet, do take the opportunity to try it out during the holidays.

#9. Food Delivery: Satisfy the Expectations of “Right Now” Consumers with Google Maps APIs

Technology continues setting new standards for businesses’ efficiency. It’s all about following the fast-paced industry, and Google Maps is definitely doing its part in offering its users the best opportunities. 

This blog post focuses on how food delivery services can benefit from Google Maps APIs and offer their customers a better experience with live position updates and estimated time of deliveries.

#10. 4 Ways We Can Help You Save Money on Your Google Maps Bill

Google Maps is a powerful toolbox for your business and your customers’ experience. But are you paying more for your solution than you should?

Our Google Maps team are experts at optimizing your solutions, and in this blog post we have compiled their best tips on how to save money on your Google Maps bill.

From everyone here at MapsPeople, we wish you happy holidays. Stay safe.